Monday, April 26, 2010

Free Money In Your Inbox (check your junk mail) sends out emails a few times a week.  I almost always delete them but I do look to see if the email title has anything about a gift card in the subject.  Most of the time, the subject title involves a "discount" or "savings" and I hit delete but, sometimes, a few times a year, the subject says, "gift card" and I do NOT delete that email.  The reason I don't delete that email is that you are given the option of using your gift card code or cashing it in for a check!!!  The current email that I just received had "$5 Gift Card Enclosed for Mother's Day Deals" as the subject.  If you do receive this email, look down at the bottom and it will tell you that you can go here to request a check instead of using your gift card code on a magazine subscription.‏  If you want or need a magazine subscription, go for it, but I'll take my $5 check instead.  You might think, what's the big deal about getting $5?  Well, they offer gift cards at least 5 or 6 times a year so that is $25 or $30, assuming you catch all the emails and request all the checks - not bad for doing nothing.  If you haven't signed up for their emails, go ahead because they are sure to send out another offer sometime soon. 

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