Sunday, July 26, 2009

Meal Plan

Monday: Grilled corn and cheese omlettes, baby tomatoes with dressing, toast

Tuesday: Homemade pizza with sauce, cheese, peppers and onions (& pineapple for Lilly & Oliver)

Wednesday: Tomato and zuchini gratin (, pasta with butter and parmesean

Thursday: Keilbasa in rolls with carmelized onions, sauteed kale or spinach

Friday: Red pepper soup and homemade bread

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: BLTs with some kind of green salad or fruit salad (whatever looks good at the farmer's market)

Strategy for the week:
I'll use up some extra corn on the cob that we grilled last week in omlettes on Monday; make a few batches of pizza dough on Tuesday and freeze it all except one for that night's dinner; double the amount of onions that I carmelize for the pizza, refrigerate them and use them with the keilbasa on toasted rolls on Thursday; pull out some soup from the freezer and pair it with some bread for Friday and then I'll make another batch of bread from the same dough on Sunday (but probably in a loaf pan) to have bread for the BLTs on Sunday. If I get really bored, maybe I'll try to make some rolls for the keilbasa from the artisan bread dough, but I'll probably pick some up at the store just to be safe :-)

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