Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Breakfast Is On Me. . . Finally!

Normally when I see sale/coupon match-ups on other blogs they appear to be shopping at some "always reduced price version" of my stores. My Target does not sell toilet paper for $.50 which, when multiples are bought with multiple copies of a trippled coupon, results in me getting thousands of dollars back. I don't live in "that" world. My Target checker always feels like reading the fine print on every coupon I've got and the base prices of my products are always dollars above what everyone else is listing around the web.

Perhaps it's because I live in Northern Virginia where EVERYTHING is more expensive than the rural midwest but sometimes it is frustrating to plan a shopping trip expecting to save a bunch with some sale and coupon match-ups that I saw online only to find that my "free after sale/coupon" item will actually cost me $3.99 and actually isn't such a great deal after all.

I can (and do) make my own match-ups with my sale flyers and coupons but sometimes I see ones online that make me drool.

FEAR NOT, here is one Target match-up that is actually valid here in high price land:
Free Kashi cereal cups! I actually saw, with my own eyes, that the Kashi cereal cups are priced at exactly $1 at the Target across from Wegmans in Sterling, AND there is a Target printable coupon at for $1 off Kashi cereal.

This could (should) result in ACTUALLY FREE Kashi cereal cups (unless you get some nut job Target cashier that won't take your Target coupon). So, for anyone else who lives in "my world" here is a valid match-up for free cereal that should work.


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