Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Pizza That Pays" - Just in time!

Tombstone Pizza is offering to pay $15 towards a utility bill when you mail in UPCs for your tombstone pizza purchase. It takes 17 UPCs to get the $15 credit. I've never tried Tombstone Pizza, nor am I sure how much it costs however, this deal runs through February 1, 2010! I think that gives enough time to find some of these on sale somewhere and see if it could be worth it. If anyone has tried Tombstone Pizza and/or knows the price and frequency of coupons, let me know.

Here is the page with the rebate/credit information:

We are also willing to try a different type of pizza in our house since our Jerry's $5.99 pizza night is no longer - we lost one Jerry's about a year ago and switched over to another one that was a few miles away and this past Monday it too, had closed and locked its doors and the phone was out of order. I will now have to actually put some thought into planning a meal for Monday nights. I haven't had to do this for about the past four years - scary!

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