Friday, April 24, 2009

Fabulous Safeway Trip

I went to Safeway with my list to round out our meal plan for the week and stock up on some things that were on sale and, although I spent a chunk of money, I saved a bunch too and came home with a ton of groceries and coupons for next trip. Here's what happened. . .

I purchased groceries worth: $212.28
I used my Safeway Club card which took off $ 71.47
I used coupons which took off: $ 17.30
Which resulted in a total out of pocket of: $123.50
Total savings of 43% ($89.78)

But, I also received the following upon checkout:

- another powerpump reward (this gives $.10 off a gallon of gas when purchased at the Safeway gas station) that can be combined with all other powerpump rewards earned in the same quarter to give you a good amount off a gallon of gas and if you smartly go get gas with all your rewards and an empty tank, it can save you a nice chunk of money.
-3 free points for Pampers Gifts to Grow program (which I participate in)
-$10 off my next shoping visit due to purchasing products in the Living Well Feeling Great promotion
-2 x $3 off my next shoping trip from General Mills (probably because I picked up some cereal)
-assorted printed out coupons
.50 off land o lakes half & half (might not use unless it's a great sale)
$2 off any 5 general mills cereal (will use along with some other coupons)
.50 off 2 six packs yobaby yogurt (will use when on sale)
$1.50 off kraft ranch dressing (will use when on sale)
.75 off glade aerosol spray (might not use unless it's a great sale and then I'll just donate it)
also, a catalina (print out coupon) notifying me that if I purchase 2 hellmann's products between 4/20 and 5/17, I'll get an additional $2.00 off my order.

I know that for most of you, this may seem like an outrageous amount to pay for groceries (those of you with $30 per week budgets for families of 8) but since my family drinks $30 worth of organic milk each week, this is a pretty good grocery run.

On a separate but similar note, I plan to post our meal plan on Sunday and then have my grocery run on Monday so I should be a bit more up to date on my posts.

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