Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Weekly Savings Strategy Sunday

I don't really NEED too much this week but there are a few things that I plan to pick up at some of the stores that are on my route.  I plan to hit Staples, Michael's, Target, Costco and CVS.  I will also hit some combination of grocery stores but I haven't created my menu plan yet.  Check back tomorrow for my Manic Monday - Menu Edition posting.

Staples - Toner, paper towels, mesh index card box
The toner is for work and I will be reimbursed for it, the mesh card box is to store my seed packets in it in the back of the refrigerator for next year (I read an article that this is the best way to ensure germination for the following year) and the paper towels are for home.  This will all (except the toner) be paid for with staples reward money that they send me for every purchase I make.  I will also drop off 10 ink cartridges which will ensure that Staples will send me another $30 check next month for my ink exchange ($3/per up to 10 a month).

Michael's - Lamp Oil
I always cut out the Michael's and AC Moore coupons because there is a Michael's on the way to my children's school and they take competitor's coupons.  They sell a bunch of things besides craft supplies and fake flowers that you can pick up - cupcake papers, baking sheets, candles, plain t-shirts, crayons, etc. - that you can always use and I'd rather get it for half off than full price.  I keep a running Michael's list in my coupon folder under my Michael's tab and each time I am going to be near there I check my list and grab a coupon and get the next thing on my list.  This week it happens to be lamp oil for some oil lamps that I picked up at an antique store to use around our outside dining area.

Target - luvs diapers (2 packs), schick intuition razor (2 packs), gillette mach 3 cartridges (2 packs), gillette mach 3 disposables (4 packs), tide detergent travel samples (2 packs)
The luvs are on sale for $6.99 and I've got 2 $1 coupons, the intuition razors are on sale for $6.99, buy 2 and get a $5 Target gift card and I have 2 $4 off coupons, the mach 3 cartridges I have 2 $4 off coupons, the mach 3 disposables I have 2 BOGO free coupons, and I have 2 $1 off any size tide coupons that my Target allows me to use for the travel size detergents.

Costco - beer, butter and toilet paper - need I say more?

CVS - always pads, cheerios (4), kandoo wipes refills (2)
The cereal is BOGO free and I have some $1 off coupons for cheerios, the wipes refills I have 2 $1 coupons for, and the pads will be purchased with some assortment of coupons from always, I'm just not sure which coupon provides the best deal so I'll sort it out in the aisle.  All of this will be paid for with a few extra bucks I have and a gift card that I received for transferring a prescription.

This might seem like a lot of stops but I am lucky, on good traffic days, to live really close to a ton of different stores.  I'll probably be able to swing by all these stores on Monday morning after I drop my children off at school at 9, and hopefully be home before 11.  Wish me luck!

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