Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It Continues!!!!!!!

Our Eating From the Pantry Challenge continues!  I have decided that we will continue this until we have darn near depleted everything.  I really want to clean the deep freezer and reorganize my cupboards and pantry area and the best way to do it is if it is as empty as possible.  I am surprised at the amount of meals that we have been able to create with what we have.  The meals for this week will be:

Monday: Jerry's Pizza
Tuesday: Baked ziti, steamed broccoli, crusty bread
Wednesday: Lamb sausage, peppers and onions, couscous, pita bread
Thursday: Soup, crusty bread
Friday: Calzones
Saturday: Chicken drumsticks, stovetop stuffing, green bean casserole
Sunday:  Chicken quesadillas, beans, rice
I've also decided that it is much easier if I plan breakfast and lunch as well so I'm not tempted to feed my munchkins the same thing day after day.  Our breakfast and lunch meals for this week will be:

Monday:  Bananas/oranges with honey, cinnamon toast
Tuesday:  French toast
Wednesday:  Cinnamon rolls, eggs
Thursday:  Banana/strawberry smoothies, english muffins
Friday:  Waffles
Saturday:  Eggs and toast
Sunday:  Cold cereal

Monday:  Pita, hummus, apple slices
Tuesday:  Leftover pizza, apple slices
Thursday:  Chicken nuggets, apple slices
Saturday:  Tuna salad sandwiches
Sunday:  Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, cheese slices

I'm not forgetting to feed my children on Wednesday and Friday but they both are in school so I don't need to provide their lunch so I'll just feed myself something random from the fridge :-)

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