Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Organized for Savings

I have found that the more organized I am, the better I can find something for myself, husband or children, the better I can tell how much of something we have or need and generally, the better I feel. When you are organized, you can find things; when you can find things, you know that you don't need to go buy them again; when you don't buy them again, you save A LOT of money!

I am a HUGE fan of The Container Store and, while some of their products cost more than Target or Walmart, I have found that the quality far exceeds the difference in price. They have these clear storage boxes in all different sizes that we use at our house to contain just about everything. They also have really great (and reasonably priced) boxes and jars for putting home made mixes and baked goods in. We have an older home with no storage space and we have used their elfa closet system in all our closets, in our garrage, in our pantry . . . In short, I absolutely love The Container Store!

Right now they have a promotion going on here where you receive a $25 gift card when you purchase $100 worth of gift cards. The limit is $500 on one gift card at a time, netting you $625 in credit per transaction. While I don't necessarily advocate purchasing $500 worth of gift cards if you don't need to, this is a great deal if you were planning on purchasing some things to keep you organized in the new year.

I went to ebates, where The Container Store offers 4% cash back, clicked through to The Container Store, figured out what I wanted, put it in the shopping cart, figured out how much it would be, then opened up a new window, purchsed enough gift cards to pay for my purchase, received my bonus gift cards, then went back to my original window and paid with my gift cards.

While this may not seem like a super steal to some bargain hunters, The Container Store rarely has coupons or sales so, for any of you who shop there anyway, taking a few minutes to purchase the gift cards ahead of making your purchase to save at least 25% off makes good financial sense to me!

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