Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday To Do Status

Today my goals are to:

1. make and freeze baked ziti
DONE! - 3 in the freezer, 1 in the fridge for dinner this week and 1 small one for lunch today

2. make and freeze two loaves of whole wheat cinnamon swirl bread DONE! - they are cooling on racks and waiting to be bagged, tagged and thrown in the freezer

3. make and freeze two loaves of whole wheat bread (AMENDMENT - I only own 3 loaf pans therefore, 4 loaves of bread was not going to work so, instead I've got 1 loaf of bread and 18 whole wheat clover rolls in my cupcake pans) DONE! - the loaf of bread looks good, the rolls, well, they were a great mother/daughter bonding experience. I think perhaps they were rolled a little too tightly and it took enough time that they spent their second rise being rolled by little hands. They are like little concrete nuggets and will not be tagged or frozen but they will be bagged (trash bagged, that is)

4. make and freeze either 4 balls of pizza dough OR, 4 pizza crusts (AMENDMENT - decided it's not worth my time to parbake them since I'll still have to bake them whenever we decide to have pizzas anyway so, just balls of dough is the goal) DONE! - I actually ended up making 5 balls of dough, 2 smaller ones for the kids and 3 larger ones for the adults. They are labeled and in the freezer.

5. finish all the remaining laundry almost finished. . .

6. put away the kids laundry Lilly - yes, Oliver - nope!

7. swap summer/fall clothes for both kids not happening tonight

8. strip all beds and wash the sheets not happening tonight - did change Lilly's sheets to her new "super duper soft" flannel holiday sheets - she is SO excited!!!

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