Monday, September 21, 2009

Free Dinners All Month

Boston Market is running an amazing deal! If you order one meal you get up to two children's meals FREE!!! No joke. I just went tonight since my husband was working late and I ordered the 3 sides meal for me and then got two of the children's 1/4 chicken meals free. The children's meals come with a side, corn muffin and drink - all FREE! The promotion will be running through October 31, so go enjoy a very reduced dinner out.

Details can be found at I suggest printing out the page and having it on you since my cashier hadn't heard about the promotion yet. The manager knew about it so I didn't have a problem but, just in case it wouldn't hurt to take it with you. You do need to have the actual children with you when you order but, other than that, there are no restrictions to this deal.

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