Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kohls Provides "Fun Money"

If you haven't already, you should go sign up for the Kohls emails. Once you do that you are on their lists and, while the sometimes too frequent emails about sales don't always do it for me, the free gift cards they mail out are definitely worth it! So far (in 2 months) I have received two $5 off your $5 purchase cards in the mail and today I got a $10 off your $10 purchase!

Even if you don't think that Kohls has any clothing you want, they carry kitchen stuff, seasonal stuff, bath stuff, etc. Go get a spatula, candle or pair of socks, or all three if you can match up some clearance stuff along with the free $10. Initially I thought of pjs for my little one but then I reconsidered and, since it is free money and free money = fun money, I might just go get something for me.

The other thing that I like about the Kohls cards they send out is the fine print on the back, "this MAY be used with other discounts/coupons" - music to my ears! How often do you actually see that in writing????

Happy shopping!

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