Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dinner Out

Since Alex has been fabulously working on getting our kitchen countertops oiled we decided to go out to eat tonight since the kitchen and dining room were quite messy. We headed off to Boston Market since it's close to the kid's school and they tend to have coupons. We were able to get two crispy chicken meals (with 2 sides each), a children's chicken leg meal, a milk and a soda for $10.

We used a buy one get one free crispy chicken meal coupon
(find it here: )
and purchased those two in one transaction and then we bought Lilly's meal and the drinks in another transaction and used a $3 off when you purchase $6 coupon
(find it here: and so we only spent $10 to feed our family tonight and we got a night out.

We also bumped into our neighbors while there, Lilly met and played with a little girl who was there with her family and Oliver . . . well, Oliver just hung out and was happy.

It was a good night for the Collier crew.

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