Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Procrastination is Not Helping

So, we still haven't picked a family card because it appears that there are a billion different types of cards that can be picked. Some are cute, some are modern, some are ugly as can be and they vary in price from free (my preference) to really expensive. So until we decide on a card we are left to meet people and leave them with no contact information whatsoever just a vague, "we come here often. . . maybe we will see you again".

For example, we had a fabulous time last weekend at Frying Pan Park and we met/chatted with a few different families and couples and it would have been really great to be able to say, "give us a call, we should do this again" but we couldn't since we didn't have any cards. Following are some of the photos from our adventure. . .

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