Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cards Actually Ordered

So we finally ordered our family cards last night from a company called Vista Print. I'm sure that if you have an email account, you have heard of Vista Print. They offer a ton of promotional items for free or reduced prices. You can even get free cards if you get their logo printed on the back. We decided to just pick a card, pay to have the front and back look how we wanted and actually pay for them. The total cost was under $20. We decided to go with the "slow" shipping which states that they will arrive in around 21 days. Really? They need three weeks to print 50 cards with the exact same thing? I'm not actually going to complain because the price is right and they might arrive early. If they come in and are awful we can let Lilly play with them and if they are cool then it was a good deal and we will use them when we are out and about.

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