Monday, September 28, 2009

Meal Plan This Week

We are off to Boston Market tonight since Alex has to work late and I don't feel like cooking. I figure $6 for dinner and drinks for the three of us isn't too bad. The rest of the week we will be having the following:

Tuesday: Brined chicken drumsticks with grilled vegetables and potatoes

Wednesday: Hot dogs on buns, baked beans, corn (this is so Alex can practice his hot dog grilling technique before we get our food cart)

Thursday: Chicken burritos with beans, rice, tomatoes and cucumber

Friday: Chicken nuggets and french fries

Saturday: Spaghetti and garlic foccacia

Sunday: Leftovers

Strategy for the week:
The extra chicken from Tuesday will go in the burritos for Thursday. I use cucumbers instead of lettuce or another "green" in the burritos because it is cheaper, crunchier, doesn't go bad as quickly, and I like it better and my family doesn't complain. The chicken nuggets and french fries are Mickey Mouse nuggets from Costco that are all white meat and breaded with whole wheat breading. I'm not going to pretend that they are super healthy but, for a night that Alex works late and as treat for Lilly and Oliver, they'll do. The fries are left over from an Angel Food box and I'm trying to eat stuff from the freezer since we have it. The garlic foccacia on Saturday is so easy to make that Lilly and I will probably make two batches of it when Alex leaves work and it will be fresh from the oven when he gets home - delicious!

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