Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Some Things Accomplished

So I pulled out some frozen ground turkey and some frozen ground meatloaf mix that I had purchased super cheap from Safeway a while back and put it in the fridge to thaw. That was on Thursday - last week. Today I looked in the fridge and realized that I had to fish or cut bait with this thawed meat. I made three "loaves" of chipotle tamale pie and 40 meatloaf muffins and put it in the freezer for dinners later. I then cleaned up the kitchen taking care not to get our new countertops wet since they are installed and sanded but not yet oiled - THANK YOU to Alex for putting them in and making them look so good.

Now, since I cooked and cleaned, you might think that we would have something fabulous for dinner tonight but I am currently boiling water so I can make macaroni and cheese. I've got cheese I need to use and since we need a quick dinner so Alex can get a hair cut tonight, mac-n-cheese it is.

See below for photos of my frozen dinners:

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